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  • Eleanor Doermann

Getting Started on Estate Planning

Estate planning may seem overwhelming and easy to put off, but it doesn't need to be. An estate planning attorney will know the right questions to ask and approaches to suggest, and can help you break the process down into manageable decisions and steps.

To start, what is your estate? The short answer is everything you own anywhere. If you are married or in a registered domestic partnership, your estate is half of your community property and all of your separate property. Property comes in many forms. Whether small or big, simple or complex, your particular estate is unique.

Next, who do you want to receive your property? Do you want everything to go to one beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries? Do your beneficiaries have special concerns to consider? How much control do you want to have over what they do with their inheritance after you are gone?

Finally, what are the best documents and tools to accomplish your goals? Will your estate need to go through probate? Are you concerned about estate taxes? You should have at least a will, but this is often combined with other estate planning documents and strategies, tailored to your goals and priorities.

If it seems that estate planning never gets crossed off your ongoing to-do list, call or e-mail me now to find out how to get the process rolling. It can provide you and yours with greater peace of mind!

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