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About Me:

I am an elder law attorney in solo private practice focusing on estate planning, probate, and LGBTQ advocacy. I also handle appeals of ERISA short- and long-term disability claim denials. I see my role as that of a navigator in the legal system, translating the law into understandable terms so that clients can make their own best decisions.


I have lived in Seattle since 1982. Practicing law is my second career following 25 years working as a physical therapist. I earned my undergraduate degree from Harvard University, my physical therapy degree from the University of Washington, and my law degree from Seattle University School of Law.  ​


I have learned that both law and health care require careful listening and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to connect with clients in stressful circumstances. I assist my clients to create straightforward, individually-tailored estate plans, to take care of legal matters when a loved one has passed away (probate and non-probate), and in general to find commonsense solutions to legal problems.

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